Your Fort Lauderdale massage at Lifestream Spa is fully tailored to meet your needs. Most of all, each session is a full 60, 75, or 90 minutes, and there is never an additional charge for our deep tissue option. In addition to, every session includes our aromatherapy tranquility welcome from Comfort Zone, hot towels on the back and feet, and a lavender and chamomile eye pillow.  Finally, wanting to share that special moment with someone close?  Not a problem at Lifestream Spa, we offer two beautiful couples massage rooms that are sure not to disappoint.

Fort Lauderdale Massage


How can I say beyond incredible? This has been the most soothing experience of my life. It takes a lot to get me to relax, and a lot is what you get with a massage appointment at Lifestream Spa. I booked an 75-minute couples massage the day before. Upon entering, you are happily greeted and directed to put on the softest, plushiest of socks. Then you choose a pair of over-sized, adorable plush shoes. I, of course, chose the ever adorable Toothless.

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Fort Lauderdale Massage Menu:

Lifestream Therapeutic Massage
60 min. $92 / members $75
75 min. $110 / members $93
90 min. $130 / members $110
The choice is yours; from traditional Swedish to Deep Tissue that is tailored to your needs by your massage therapist to relieve tension in specific areas of muscle aches and stiffness; improving circulation and flexibility, while promoting relaxation. Aroma therapy included.

Lifestream Couples Therapeutic Massage
60 min. $184 / 75 min. $220 / 90 min. $260
Lifestream Spa has two couples rooms. Lie back among our 100 year old Zin vines and gaze at the stars on the ceiling or our India inspired motif while letting everything melt away with that special someone.

Sacred Nature Signature Massage
60 min. $120
Soulful, nurturing, embracing… A true comfort zone is created with this one-of-a-kind ritual massage, using organic jojoba oil, anti-oxidant buriti oil and skin renewing butterfly bush extract. Includes paraffin wrap for the feet.

Hot Stone Massage
60 min. $110 / members $100
75 min $135 / members $115
90 min. $150 / members $135
Heated basalt stones produce a soothing state; detoxifying, relaxing and draining action. The heat of the stones relieves muscle pain, increases body metabolism and relaxes the tissues.

Head, Hands & Feet
60 min. $95
Massage concentrating on Scalp, Neck, Face, and Feet giving a complete and deep relaxation

60 min. $95
Designed for the mother to be (after the 1st trimester); a re-balancing and relieving treatment.

Neck and Back Massage
35 min $55 / members $45
Complete tension relief on the two areas that need it the most. Feel relief as the tension melts away!



Hands and Feet Paraffin Wrap
$25 with other treatments /$50 alone

Treat the Feet
$30 with other treatment /$50 alone
Sacred Nature organic scrub exfoliates the feet and legs, followed by hot towels, paraffin wax, warm booties and a 15 minute massage for the feet–the owner’s favorite.

Fort Lauderdale Massage Benefits

Across the globe, massage therapy has become an integral part of holistic health regimens. Doctors are increasingly prescribing massage therapy to treat a wide range of medical conditions. Additionally, scientific studies are finding what many massage therapists and healers from cultures all over the world have known for centuries. Massage is beneficial to the health of all the systems associated with your body and mind.

Massage Benefits For Your Body

Couples Massage Fort Lauderdale

Reduces stress hormones. Countless studies have directly related massage with reducing stress hormones. When your body releases stress hormones, your health can be negatively impacted.

Reduces muscular pain, cramps, spasms, tension, and knots. Massage increases local circulation and relaxes the tense muscle, breaking the “pain-spasm-pain” cycle, reducing pain, and leading to increased flexibility and range of motion.

Reduces chronic pain. Numerous scientific studies and anecdotal evidence have found massage to be effective at reducing pain associated with a variety of injuries and chronic conditions, including: arthritis and joint pain, slipped or herniated discs, whiplash, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, sciatica, chronic fatigue syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, spinal cord injuries, and shin splints.

Reduces fatigue. The toxins and metabolic waste that build up in your body can lead to fatigue. Massage helps your body to flush these waste products through stimulation of the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems, thereby reducing fatigue and improving our cellular functioning.

Reduces formation of scar tissue, swelling and pain following surgery or injury. Massage increases lymph flow (removing excess lymph and toxins, thus reducing swelling and pain), and can help to bring necessary oxygen and nutrients via increased blood circulation in order to increase the formation of functional tissue and reduce the formation of scar tissue.

Speeds healing from pulled muscles and sprained ligaments. In order for tissue in your body to heal, it must receive vital nutrients and oxygen through blood circulation. Following an injury, muscles often go into spasm, which reduces blood flow to the area. Lifestream’s Therapeutic Massage massage not only releases these tight muscles, but also increases local circulation, which leads to faster healing time.

Increases range of motion and flexibility. Lifestream’s Therapeutic Massage can increase range of motion and flexibility in a variety of ways. It can help relax and loosen tight muscles, break up adhesions that can form on the tendons and ligaments around joints, and soften the connective tissue that surrounds everything (including muscle, ligament, tendon and bone) in your body.

Improves posture. The connective tissue in your body can become chronically tight and rigid over time, which can lead to poor posture. Massage can help soften this tissue, which can help with your postural realignments and shifts.

Improves immune system and digestive functions. Massage allows your nervous system to enter its parasympathetic (relaxation) response, which allows your body to send energy and resources towards restoration and healing.

Relieves tension headaches and migraine pain. Many headaches can be caused by muscle tension. Your Lifestream’s Therapeutic Massage can help relieve this tension.

Lowers blood pressure. Countless studies have shown that massage can help lower blood pressure. This very important part of heart health can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Massage Benefits For Your Mind

Fort Lauderdale Massage Benefits For Your Body

Reduces anxiety. Numerous studies have directly related massage with reducing stress and anxiety. In addition to reporting less stress and anxiety, study participants showed lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Lower levels of stress hormones may be one of the most beneficial factors in overall health and well-being.

Improves sleep habits. After getting a massage, many people report getting a great night’s sleep. Regular massage can help teach you how to bring your body into a state of deep relaxation, which can help you fall asleep quicker and sleep more soundly.

Enhances psychological functioning and alertness. Lots of clients have reported feeling more “clear-headed” after receiving a Lifestream Spa of Fort Lauderdale therapeutic massage. It seems that the type of deep relaxation and calm that massage creates brings about clearer thinking and a state of calm alertness. Studies have directly related massage with improved mental.

The good news is you’ve already found the best Fort Lauderdale massage spa! Don’t take our word for it, check out our Guestimonials for yourself.


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